Monday, January 25, 2010

Showin up man!

Hello fine people! We have a fantastic week planned for all of you. Please make a decision to show up physically and mentally! It is the Dojo’s job to provide a place where you can grow in the art of Aikido. (If you need help, please ask I will deliver, just ask) It is your job to show up and use effort so that you can get into the flow of the art. I really appreciate all of us supporters of the Dojo and let’s have a strong week of training!

***This week at the Dojo:

***Today Monday: It’s Train at Your Level Day in all of the classes.

***Today Monday: Adult program Beginner’s seminar at 12noon and 7pm regular class still on at that time) beginners to 5th kyu, red belts, this is for you!

***Tuesday: Practice/Demoing/Testing Day: 12noon/5pm youth and family/6pm (regular class still on at 7pm)

***Wednesday: Practice/Demoing/Testing Day: 12noon/5pm youth and family/7pm (regular class still on at 6pm)

The rest of the week just flow man, flow!!

I want to thank Austin and Fumie for making the Japan Consulate day effortless for all those involved, to all those that helped with the calligraphy and movement class, and all of the teachers and assistants for your help. Vince Sensei

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