Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello fine people and welcome to2010!

What are you going to do this year to make it a fabulous year for you? Aikido is one of the most positive things that I can think of. We had some challenging weather in December, with the Holidays and other distractions you may not have been to the Dojo on your regular schedule. Now is the time to get back into training and improve your Aikido, and improve your life. Unbendable arm exercise is where you raise your arm forward and extend positive energy forward, extend your arm forward in the direction of the Dojo and let’s improve together.

This week at the Dojo:
**great classes all week!

**Wednesday: it’s TRAIN AT YOUR LEVEL DAY in all of the classes.

**Wednesday: Parent’s meeting at 5pm. We are going to go over how to be successful in Aikido.

**Wednesday: Black Belt Seminar at 12noon and 7pm (regular class still on at these times too)

**Sempai Training Saturday at10:40am for 3rd Kyus and above

****Plan to come to your seminar! We have a seminar for each rank level, every month.****the schedule is on the white board in the Dojo.

We are going to practice shodo, traditional Japanese calligraphy focused on setting an intention for the year. Youth and Family class is at 5pm, and the Adult program is at 6pm on Thursday January 21st. $10 material fee unless you bring a friend and then it is free.

Let’s have a fantastic week! Vince Sensei

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