Monday, January 11, 2010

Momentum week

Hello fine people. This is the second week of January. The real flow of the New Year is about to kick in. We have some cool stuff planned for this week! Set an intention for this week. My intention is to help YOU in any way that I can to see that YOU keep moving to a higher level of practice. If we all focus on getting better and helping each other get better we are going to add some terrific momentum to the Dojo! A simple intention can really make a huge difference.

This week at the Dojo:

***Tuesday: Train at your level day in all of the classes.
***Tuesday: Intermediate seminar for the ranks of 4th and 3rd kyus at 12noon, and 6pm (regular class still going on at that time)

***Saturday, 11am: Women’s class, the 1st one of the year, please sign up and bring a friend.

***New Year Calligraphy class: January 21, 5pm for the youth and family class, and 6pm for the adult program. We will work on some of O’Sensei’s favorite calligraphy work, and show the relationship between calligraphy and Aikido. $10 material fee unless you bring a friend and then it is free.

***DEMO AND TESTING DAYS are Tuesday the 26th, and Wednesday the 27th. Make a plan to be there.

***Please check out a YouTube video of January stuff on our YouTube page. You can access it from our website’s front page, just scroll to the bottom and hit the link.

Let’s have a great week of training! Vince Sensei

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