Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Happy Martin Luther King Day! Our school is open today for great training in all of the classes! Maybe a good theme for this week in honor of Martin Luther King is to train with the feeling of equal mindedness towards all students and all people. When I watch speeches of Martin Luther King it really brings up some great energy. Aikido is based on positive energy and let’s use this Holiday to inspire us to keep moving up to higher levels .

This week at the Dojo:

***Wednesday: Train at Your Level Day in all of the classes.
***Wednesday: Intermediate Seminar for 4th and 3rd Kyus at 12noon & pm. (regular class is still going on at this time).

Thursday: Special Calligraphy seminar , We will focus on some of O’Sensei’s favorite calligraphy, and then we will the physical expression of the art piece. We have never done this before! Bring a friend! It’s gonna be fun!
**5pm for the Youth & Family class, **6pm for the Adult program

Next week at the Dojo :

***Monday: Train at Your Level Day in all of the Classes.
***Monday: Adult Program Beginner’s Rally, you can Demo this day also, or practice, and move up.

***Tuesday: Demo and Test day; 12noon, 5pm Youth & Family, 6pm
***Wednesday: Demo and Test Day; 12noon, 5pm Youth & Family, 7pm

Getting better is a decision, if you have any questions about anything at the Dojo, we are here for you! Sincerely, Vince Sensei

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