Monday, March 8, 2010



This week I would like to focus on YUKI, or courage in Japanese. As a martial artist it is important to understand YUKI. I’d like to give you a few ways to practice:

On the mat:

1. The willingness to face challenges. 2. The ability to really see yourself, and your movement. 3. Courage to challenge yourself to higher levels of performance.

Off the mat:

1. Practice having the courage to be centered, no matter what is going on.

This week at the Dojo:

***Thursday: Train at your level day in all of the classes.
***Thursday: Advanced Seminar at 12noon and 7pm for 1st and 2nd kyus.(regular class for all levels at that time also)
***Saturday: Sempai Training from 10:40am. We are going to work on some advanced stuff. Show up.
***Saturday: 7:30am part 2 of the conflict resolution class at the Art Museum. If you would like to attend, please let Sensei know.

Let’s have a great week! Vince Sensei

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