Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Misogi and your body

Misogi is a word that means to purify. The Founder stated that all of your Aikido moves should be that you are opening up to energy so that you are in harmony with yourself and your partner.

In the Dojo:
1. Practice really taking your time to warm up, and feel a current of energy that is warm and good.
2. Gradually move with your self and your partner so that there is a feeling of harmony.

Aikido off the mat:

Be aware of your body while at work, school, or any other activity and breathe in and out through your whole body so that you can be in harmony with the task at hand.

This week at the Dojo:

***Monday, Today: It is Train at Your Level Day in all of the classes.

***Monday, Today: Beginner’s seminar at 12noon, and 7pm (we will work on info that you need for moving up, and have tea afterwards to discuss your Aikido)

***Tuesday: Momentum Day= at the 12noon, 5pm and 6pm class we will energetically work through much of the material we focused on this month. All and any student is welcome to push yourself through this fun class and add momentum to your training and the overall level of the Dojo.

***Wednesday: Testing and Demo Day: Youth and Family class 5pm, Adult program at 7pm, ask Sensei or one of the Black Belts if you are ready to do your thing.

***Saturday; tentatively I am planning to do a clean up at one of the local parks to demonstrate the power of Aikido in the community. If you would like to help, please sign up at the Dojo and be ready to feel good about cleaning our community.

Let’s have a great week of training! Vince Sensei, and thanks to all who taught and supported the Dojo while I was away on seminar. I know the grammar stinks, its misogi writing.

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