Monday, May 10, 2010


Good morning fine people! If we think something is possible, then it is no longer impossible! When O’sensei created Aikido he must have had some of that kind of energy. Let’s tap into some of it to make this week an awesome week!

This week at the Dojo:

***Thursday: Train at Your Level Day in all of the classes, get better!

***Thursday: Advanced seminar for the ranks of 2nd and 1st kyus at 12noon, and 7pm

***Thursday: 7:30pm for the last half of class we will focus on Randori Practice.

Saturday: BAR-B-Q for the whole Dojo!!!!!
We are gonna arrive at 9:30 am and clean the whole joint in a systemic way to make this Dojo the cleanest and best Aikido Dojo on the west coast! Bar-B-Q starts at 11:30ish and the Dojo will supply the grub, but if you would like to bring something, please do. All members and their family are encouraged to participate. We wear clothes that can get messy, and train doing boken cuts for about 15 minutes and then go to town!
Cleaning is a big part of Aikido! I constantly did it in Japan at the original Dojo.
Things that we need that you could bring to make the cleaning and BAR-B-Q go faster: extension cords, battery drills or screwdrivers, vacuum cleaners, rakes, and a good attitude and good posture and body mechanics. It’s gonna be a blast! Don’t miss it. Sign up in the sheet on the bulletin board so we know how much food to buy. Thank you, Vince Sensei

Ps; we have Japanese boken and jo’s in stock while they last. Adult size and youth size

Ps ps; Internal seminar June 4th and 5th

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