Monday, May 24, 2010

Break out of the Box

Good day fine people! Just got back from a great Aikido seminar in Monterey California. Going to seminars is a great way to “break out the box”. Speaking of seminars, we are going to a bunch of them coming up. Some of the seminars are internal ones with our black belts teaching, and some of them are Guest instructors from foreign lands to bring us totally different perspective of the Art of Aikido. Stay tuned for the ones that you can do, schedule them into your life, and challenge yourself to “step out of your box.”

This week at the Dojo:

***Monday, Today: it is Train at Your Level Day in all of the classes! Get informed, get better! And say; YES I CAN!!

***Monday, Today: Beginner’s Rally 12 noon and 7pm up to the rank of 5th Kyu. Be here and know exactly what you need to progress.

***Tuesday: Momentum day= we got through the curriculum stuff in an intense and fun way for the month of May. 5pm: youth, teens, and family class. 7pm for the adult program.

***Wednesday: Testing and demos at 5pm youth, teens, family class. 7pm for the adult program.

***Thursday: Origami project: We will meet at the Dojo 4pm and all go over to Veteran’s Hospital by 4:30pm to share with some of the elderly Vets the origami we have made for them. This means we still have today through Wednesday to make more of our beautiful origami! All members are welcome to make origami, and go to the presentation.

Other Announcements
The Dojo will be closed Monday, May 31st for Memorial Day.

Internal seminar featuring our Black Belts June 4th and 5th. This is a biggy! Check out the flyer.

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