Monday, April 19, 2010

My Brain

APRIL 19, 2010
Good morning Aikido folks. I would like to talk about my brain today. Supposedly the right side is more analytical, and the left side is the more creative part. I guess that’s why I get confused sometimes. Ha ha. In Aikido we start with the form, and then it is our goal to develop the more creative side through freestyle exercises, and practices. A good goal is to have balance of both sides of the grey matter. Please join me this week for our journey into these practices.
This week at the Dojo:
***Thursday: Train at Your level Day in all of the classes.
***Thursday: Intermediate seminar for the adult class at 12noon, and 7pm (at the 7pm time we will work on Randori for the second half of class.)

Next week at the Dojo:
***Monday: Train at your level day in all of the classes
***Monday: Beginner’s Rally at 12 noon, and 7pm
***Tuesday: Momentum Day, at the 5pm Family class and the 6pm adult class we will energetically go through April’s curriculum to put a smile on your brain.
***Wednesday: is Testing and Demo day: 5pm for the Youth & Family class, and 7pm for the adult class.
***Thursday: The Jamie Zimmeron class is cancelled (SORRY!), but we will have a special class that night, more details to follow!

Bring your left brain and right brain down to the Dojo for fun, Aikido, and flow! Vince Sensei

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