Monday, April 26, 2010

Fresh air, TAYLD, Momentum Day, Testing, etc...

Hello fine people. It is a beautiful day today! Why not take a few moments and just focus on your breathing outside in nature. Wow, just feel that beautiful nature. The Founder’s Dojo in Iwama had a wonderful feel of nature. Let’s bring that feeling of nature into our school.

This week at the Dojo:
***Monday, Today: it is Train at Your Level day in all of the classes.

***Monday, Today: Beginner’s Rally at 12 noon, and 7pm. If you are a newer adult student up to the rank of 5th kyu please make sure you come to one of these classes. It will be relevant to your progression in Aikido.

***Tuesday: Momentum Day at the Dojo: we will go through the most important material we practiced in April, techniques, principles, and the Aiki-weapons. The following 3 classes will be used for momentum practice; 12noon, 5pm youth and family class, and 6pm.

***Wednesday: Testing for the month; 5pm for the Youth and Family class, 7pm for the Adult class. If you are testing please sign up in the office beforehand.

Remember that the Deshi program starts next Monday at 4:30 for the teens, 6pm for the adults, and Tuesday at 4:30 for the youths. If anyone has any questions about the program please ask me after class.
Breathe and feel the beautiful nature that is all around us! Breathe and enjoy your Aikido practice! Vince Sensei

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