Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Settle and Feel Positive

Hello fine people. This month we are talking about, and focusing on settling. Settling your mind and body to be positive and powerful in everything you do in life. When you are settled, it is difficult to be pulled into a negative direction. So breathe and settle so that you feel your power and train in a positive way.

This week at the Dojo:

***Tuesday, Today: Train at your level day in all of the classes!

***Tuesday, Today: Black Belt seminar at 12 noon, and 6pm. (regular class still on at the same time too)

***Saturday is Sempai Training from 10:40am. It is a important one in regards to curriculum improvements.

------Special Demonstrations will be on Saturday at UNR, and Sunday at Damonte Ranch High School, if you would like to participate please let me know at the Dojo.------

Let’s have a great week of training! Vince Sensei

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