Monday, November 15, 2010

Prepare for Battle!

Hello fine people! The holidays are right around the corner. Over the years this is a time when I see some our students getting stressed out and cutting back on their Aikido training. I believe this is the best time to apply Aikido principles to your scheduling. Stay centered and get into your bravery mode. Take responsibility for your eating habits, health habits, training habits and have a fantastic Holiday season. Discipline can be fun!

This week at the Dojo:
***Thursday: TRAIN AT YOUR LEVEL DAY IN ALL OF THE CLASSES, We will focus on Randori (multiple attacker practice) at the end of each of these classes.
***Thursday: Intermediate seminar for the ranks of 4th and 3rd Kyus. Focus at 12noon, and 7pm. Get better!
***Saturday: Women’s class at 11am till 12noon.
###Momentum day is Tuesday the 23rd, and Testing is Wednesday the 24th.
&&&the Dojo will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday on the 25th and 26th.

Dojo Internal Seminar Extravaganza is the December 3rd and 4th. Our Black Belts will be teaching, for an event to remember for the ages. PLAN TO BE THERE!

Let’s have a great week of training! Vince Sensei

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