Monday, July 5, 2010

Water Sports

Good morning fine people! I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! Today I would like to talk about WATER SPORTS. Aikido is definitely a water sport! Feel the power of water that is like a wave that flows up from the ground. Feel the circle of a whirlpool when you are moving with your partner. Feel your body move with the fluidity of water. In the Thursday 7pm class we will work on the power of water! All week we will use the power of water to develop our Aikido! Bring your wet suit, I mean GI, to the Dojo and get ready to surf.

**Monday, Today; Regular schedule today in all of the classes. WE ARE OPEN! The train at your level day is postponed to next Monday the 12th, and we will have the Deshi training, Black Belt seminar, and the Teen deshi training all on the 12th.

***Tuesday: 11am special Youth, Teen, and Family class.

***Tuesday: 4:30 pm Youth Deshi Program training.

Summertime special class. Thursday July 15th at 5pm WATER BATTLE CLASS AND BAR- B- Q!!! Talk about water sports, we will break out the Hose and other water devices and have a water battle the likes you never seen! Simultaneously Parents will be Bar-B-Qing so that we have some grub after our joyous hard work.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: AUGUST 20-22, AIKIDO SHIHAN RICK STICKLES will be here for an intensive seminar at our Dojo! This seminar is open to all students and especially if you have never attended something like this you will want to attend. Aikido of Reno brings in teachers from other areas to expand your horizons and see things from another perspective to help you develop! Sign up early to reserve your spot on the mat!

Let’s have a great week of training!! Vince Sensei

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