Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beginners Mind

Good morning good Aikido people. I would like to talk about beginner's mind. This principle is very important, many of you have heard me talk about before, because I had heard it talked about before many times while I was living in Japan. It's all about staying open, open to the training, open to your thinking, open to how you go about things. This week we will be trying some new things and practicing some traditional things, and I would just like to ask everyone to keep your beginner's mind, thank you.

This week at the dojo
***today Tuesday; it is train at your level day in all of the classes
***today Tuesday; 5 PM parents meeting, we will discuss the summer schedule and I would like to interview the parents to customize our summer schedule.
***Today Tuesday; 12 noon, 6 PM Black belt seminar
***today Tuesday; 4:30 PM youth leadership program
+++Friday and Saturday; our internal seminar taught by our black belts, please see the attached schedule for the exact times. It's going to be also all students are encouraged to attend! I Know Saturday will have several people testing for black belt with a potluck parties to finish the event.

let's have a fabulous week of training! Vincent sensei

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