Monday, December 14, 2009

Dec 09

Hello fine people. Can you believe that it is almost the end of 2009? That means it’s time for the 2010 New Years resolution planning to begin. Let’s set an intention to make 2010 the best year for YOU. Please use the new way in which we teach and share the curriculum so that you can move up systematically and enjoy the whole process. The Aikido we do on the ma,t is the Aikido we demonstrate on the demo and testing days. It’s easier than the past way of testing and it’s a whole lotta fun for every level. Please pick at least one of the demo and testing days and do your thing!

This week at the Dojo :

Wednesday: is train at your level day in all of the classes .

Wednesday: Black Belt seminar at 12noon, and 7pm( regular classes still on)

Saturday at 11am is the demo and testing make up day = we will practice and demo this month’s curriculum. You can earn a stripe, or even test for the next Kyu level especially if you can’t make the demo and testing at the end of the month. Demo, test, or practice! Open to Adult, Youth and Family class members.


Monday the 28th; 12 noon/ 5pm youth and family/ 7pm

Tuesday the 29th; 12 noon/ 5pm youth and family/ 6pm

Wednesday the 30th, 12 noon/ 5pm youth and family/ 7pm

It is important to me that everyone in the Dojo understands the system, so if you need help, please call to set up a time where I can go over everything you will need to succeed!

Also I have included a link to youtube with a video of December’s curriculum.

Keep gettin’ betta. Vince Sensei

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