Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ninja Assassins

Hello fine people. Yesterday I was watching part of a football game and an ad for “Ninja Assasin”(new martial arts movie) came on. I noticed the amount of violence that was on this short little ad and realized that most people that watch TV are not really even aware of the amount of violence we are exposed to everyday. I am not saying that I haven’t watched martial art movies before, it’s just if you are being exposed to an over abundance of visual violence it’s probably not the best thing for your well being. Some things you can do to neutralize the visual violence effect; turn off your TV, go for a walk, or come to the Dojo and practice the dynamic art of non-violence called Aikido.

And check out this link to Saturday’s Sempai training on some of the stuff for this month:

This week at the Dojo

***Train atYour Level Day on Thursday

***Intermediate seminar for the ranks of 4th and 3rd KYUS at 12nooon and 7pm. Regular class still going on at this time.

November 20-22, Mary Heiny Sensei seminar. She is one of the American Aikido Icons that has direct experience with O’Sensei. Please take advantage to sign up early and guarantee your spot on the mat. This seminar is open to advanced students from the youth program also.

Stay positive and feel the power of blending with violence. Vince Sensei

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