Friday, July 3, 2009

Conflict Resolution for CFO’s at Montreux

On June 9th I attended a Conflict Resolution class presented by Vince Salvatore Sensei to a group of CFO’s from the Reno/Sparks area.
Some important questions were asked of the participants about their business practices, such as; What is your intention? How can you apply this intention to customer service? Are you approaching situations with win/win outcomes? Does your mission statement truly represent what your company is and does? Are all of your employees passionate about the mission statement?
A group of approximately twelve individuals pondered these questions for the next two hours. In addition, we physically experienced that being centered and breathing could create a calm approach to dealing with conflict. We also experienced the opposite of this by being tense, which did not present a positive intention and resulted in negative outcomes.
The main lesson I learned about conflict is as situations change, I will have to readjust my center or reidentify where the center is. This was a very worthwhile class.

Lonnie Klaich

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